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carpet cleaning lakewood caCarpet Cleaning Lakewood, CA – Don’t ignore dirt and soil buildup on carpet. The more dirt you see on the surface of your carpet is an indication that there is even more buildup underneath.

Dirt underneath the surface does the most damage to the resiliency of your carpet fibers and the long-term health of your carpet. This is why professional carpet cleaning is so important.

Lakewood carpet cleaners have the necessary equipment, solutions and experience to penetrate carpet fibers to remove deeper dirt in the carpet pad and under the surface. This is the dirt that vacuuming cannot remove and this is why you should hire a carpet cleaning company to help!

Be sure to choose a service you can trust. We recommend researching local companies first to understand their process and the equipment they use to clean carpet. You will find that most companies advertise steam cleaning. The steam cleaning process is very popular but the results are low-quality. This is because steam cleaning depends on excessive amounts of moisture as well as soap and chemicals in order to remove the deeper dirt. You don’t want to subject your carpet or your home to cleaning chemicals or a lot of water.

This is why Amazing Care Chem-Dry in Norwalk, CA is your best choice for carpet cleaning Lakewood services. We serve Long Beach too!

Amazing Care Chem-Dry uses 80% less moisture than local steam cleaners use. We don’t use any soap at all and our process is 100% chemical-free. You won’t find another service like ours. We guarantee it!

The process begins with an in-depth consultation and inspection of your carpet. We then vacuum the surface to remove debris and loose soil from the carpet. Then we spray on The Natural®.

The Natural® is a green cleaning solution that provides a healthier clean for your home. It contains no chemicals or toxins. Instead, the solution creates millions of powerful bubbles able to pull embedded bacteria and soil from the carpet fibers and pad to the surface. This allows us to remove it from the carpet with our Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) system.

HCE is one of the best carpet cleaning methods available. Both The Carpet & Rug Institute and carpet manufacturers highly recommend it. The process is safe and effective and healthier too!

Our equipment extracts the dirt and our solution and uses suction to carry it to our disposal tanks in our van. Then it is gone from your home for good!

The entire process only requires 1-2 hours and your carpet dries 1-2 hours after that. That’s right. No more waiting days and days for dry carpet again.

You can learn more about our rug cleaning process and carpet cleaning here. Continue reading for information on additional services:


When the time comes for professional upholstery cleaning, you know who to call! Amazing Care Chem-Dry provides the same exceptional service and results for your furniture that we deliver for your carpet and rugs.

Considering the amount of use most furniture gets in the average home, it’s no surprise you will need to deep clean it on a regular basis to ensure it retains its comfort, color and quality.

Our service uses handheld equipment to vacuum the upholstery and extract the deeper soils and bacteria from the fabric. The process includes The Natural® as well for a green clean safe for your home, family and your pets!

The process is perfect for sofas, recliners, ottomans, benches, dining rooms chairs and even car interiors! Learn more about our upholstery cleaning.


Your tile floors need deep cleaning too! Grout in tile and stone floors is a hotbed of germs and bacteria and general dust and dirt. Eventually the dirt in grout will lead to cracks in your tile and discoloration too.

Amazing Care Chem-Dry inspects your floor to determine its construction. This is important for us to determine the proper solutions and care for a safe and healthy clean.

We then eliminate dry soil from the surface of the floor and tape off the surrounding areas so as to not come into contact with carpet or hardwood floors nearby.

Then we deep clean the tile or stone floor. This removes the deep bacteria and germs. We pause several times to ensure the process is working correctly and delivering the expected results.

We then apply a new sealant to protect the grout and tile surfaces as well as the new shine from your fresh, clean floor! Learn more here.

To hire Amazing Care Chem-Dry for one of our cleaning services, call (562) 244-2975 or request a FREE assessment online.

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